Belgian workhorses, zebras, donkeys, mules

Here are the top three searches people used to find my blog today before clicking on it (not counting bookmarks or links from other blogs or websites).

–kennett peterson, Zebra mix with a donkey, belgian workhorse

This, or a similar variation, is usually what the top three are. My first question is why so many people are always searching for belgian workhorses. Are they that common of a subject? My second question is why someone is trying to look up mixes of donkeys and zebras. Are these people drastically disappointed when they click on my site and find out they’ve been tricked? Or do the first few sentences grab them and persuade them to finish reading?

I just realized that by re-typing the words “belgian workhorse, donkey, and zebra,” I just made the situation worse. Maybe to grow my readership, I’ll start writing more about barnyard animals and farms, which should make about two thirds of my audience happy.

Training news:

Yesterday was an off day, much needed after my 7 hour ride the day before. Today was a little under 80 miles with 18 miles up Mt. Lemmon. I’m feeling better and better, more like a cyclist. The first few real rides I’ve done over the last few weeks have felt kind of off. But my legs and stamina are coming back with each ride.

Other news:

I finally have a bed! This is great news because sleeping on that damn couch was really getting uncomfortable. When I laid the couch cushions on the ground, they would slide around everywhere during the night because the ground is tile. And sleeping on the cushions while on the couch cramps my legs and neck. Tonight will be a great night of sleep. I also grabbed a bunch of plastic crates from behind a store yesterday with one of my roommates and they are now stacked up in my room leaning against a wall. They serve as my dresser, and they look pretty cool in my opinion. Plus now I have much fewer clothes on the ground. I think I’ll go back tomorrow and grab some more.

Price increases:

The price of cycling is getting ridiculous. I’ve gotten a couple flats this week, which means I’ve had to go to some bike shops for tubes and co2. One co2 down here costs $5. One tube is between $6 and $7. I’m hoping that when Obama gets into office next year, he’ll start subsidizing bikes and bike accessories.

5 thoughts on “Belgian workhorses, zebras, donkeys, mules

  1. check out the performance bike shop near the university… once in a while they have sales and tubes are something like $2, so stock up then… also, just get a threadless co2 inflator and then go to walmart and pick up a pack of 12 or 15, 12gram co2 cartridges for the same price as one co2 at the bike shop.. waay cheaper, and dont listen to anyone that says those are bad for your tubes, ive been doing it for years

  2. most people who have lived in tucson know that on average, youll probably get more flats there each week than youd get in a lifetime of riding anywhere else

    yeah, frame pump works… but co2 is the way to go

  3. I’ll get the non-threaded co2 inflator, but I refuse to shop at Wal Mart. Galen, do you really shop there!? I thought you were better than that. And thanks for the tip about that performance shop, anon.

  4. co2, yes. it’s super cheap. and i patch my tubes until they can be patched no more, except race tubes. i use a frame pump exclusively until ~april around here, when i switch to co2 as the threat of flat tires diminishes.

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