Tucson. It’s hot down here!

I’m in Arizona now, living at a friend’s house in my new room.  I don’t have a bed yet, so I’m sleeping on a couch.  But to be more accurate, I’m sleeping on the couch cushions on the ground, because sleeping on couches makes my legs all cramped up.  If you take the cushions off the couch and lay them on the ground, you’ll be much more comfortable.  But don’t take my word for it.  You can read all about it in this book, Couch vs Couch Cushions, by Richard Astleson.  

My training has finally really begun.  I’m sure I’ll say that again in a month, and then again the month after.  I joined the YMCA down here (there are 8 in town!)  I find it stupid that I have to get ANOTHER Y membership.  My membership in Sherwood doesn’t allow me to work out in other YMCA’s.  Gosh dern it.  

I lifted this morning to tear my legs up a bit.  Then rode over to Zachary’s Pizza to apply for the part time dish washing job advertised in the window.  If I get this job, I’ll be set.  The pizzas at Zachary’s are humungous.  Humungous I say.  Imagine a giant Papa Murphy’s Chicago style pizza.  Double that in thickness and flavor and you’ve got the beginnings of a Zachary’s pizza.  

They didn’t have any job applications, so I said I would be back.  Then I rode over to Mt. Lemmon and did 14 miles up, got lost coming home in the dark because I forgot where I live, and feasted on Quinoa, my new favorite food.  Tomorrow I’m going on the Shoot Out at 7:30 AM.  It’s a fast group ride that swells to over 100 people at times.  I think I’ll just sit in when the pace picks up.  Hopefully I’ll meet some other people to ride with.