Bored out of my mind

I hope life as a pro rider isn’t as boring as what I’m going through right now. All I do is ride, lift weights, go shopping for food, and lay around watching movies and taking naps. I feel somewhat like the family dog, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my roommates as the come home in the evening. My job search is going so-so. I stop by either the pizza place or grocery store about every day (both of the places that I’m trying to get hired at). At least working will give me something to do for part of the day.

I think the main reason I’m bored is that I haven’t been riding with anyone and I don’t know anybody here other than my roommates, and I don’t know them that well either. So I’m hoping that in the next few weeks, as I meet more people, I’ll be less bored and lonely.

I took it easy in the gym and on my ride today. I was still feeling a bit tired from last week, and it was over 90 degrees out on the pavement this afternoon. Tomorrow is a long day. In fact it’s a pretty loaded week, which I’m looking forward to. As an added bonus–to make things more difficult, which I always like, I won’t be eating for the first two hours of my rides from now on. The objective: to lose weight. Plus for tomorrow’s breakfast, all I get to eat before the six hours on the saddle is one egg. Ha! I’ll let you know how it goes. Should be fun!