First of many

This post’s for you David W. Very few unneccesary words.

Woke up at 8:15. Ate oats. Went to the YMCA to lift for an hour. Came home. Ate 2 bagels with almond butter, 3 pieces of toast, three eggs, 4 pieces of bacon. Bathroom to make room. On the road a little after 11:00. Rode over to the yogurt place to see if I could get a job. Not open yet. Continued on my ride up and around Gates Pass then way out of town up to the top of Kitt Peak (12 mies long and 7,000 feet). Averaged 300 watts up. Flew down the entire mountain in 15 minutes. Front tire skidded on a large piece of gravel on one of the corners. I gave a yeee haaa!! and pedaled harder. Got back on Ajo hwy and began grinding my way home. Two hours later it was getting dark and I was getting tired. Turned lights on. Down to my last piece of Kennett’s Energy Bread TM. Half an hour to go. Quads tired, calves tight and cramped, eyes blurry, body slightly shaking at stop lights. I found some extra energy. Got to campus, soft pedaled home. Done. Recovery drink. Shower. Stretch. Compression tights. Food. More food. More food. 125 miles. 245 watt average (zeros included). Calories burned today during ride, weights, and being alive= 9,000. That’s why I spend so much on food, mom.

For all those concerned that I’m doing too much too early. Don’t worry I won’t do this every day!

2 thoughts on “First of many

  1. Kennett wishes he had Ixtapa for dinner. Kennett now hungry. Kennett jealous of Galen. Kennett ANGRY!!

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