Windy, but still warm and sunny

When I walked into the weight room this morning, I was disappointed to see that there was someone else using the only squat bar. So I started out with some other lifts, which I don’t like to do first because then my legs are already a bit tired for the squats. After a set on the leg press, I looked over to see the elderly women using the squat bar replace the 35’s with 45’s. And she wasn’t done yet. She did another set of those, then put five pounds on each side. This must have been her fifth set of 10 too. I was impressed. A sixty something year-old, thin women squatting 145 pounds, which is more than most guys do (Tony and Will).

Today’s wind attempted to blast me backwards the entire day with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. It was slow progress making my way over to the base of Mt. Lemmon. I thought that the wind would subside once I gained some elevation, but it did not. And then I realized that that logic made no sense. I pretty much got blasted all the way up to where I turned around at ten miles, flew down the mountain with the wind at my back, and then rode back up another five miles before heading home, now with the wind, at 40 miles an hour on the flat.

Cool animals I have seen on the side of the road this past week:

Dead coyote
Dead skunk
Dead bloated cow with stiff legs and intestines bursting out of its anus
Dead deer
Dead squirrel type things. Must be ground squirrels
Dead rattle snakes
Dead cats
Dead dogs
Dead rabbit
Dead big green grass-hoper type insects
Dead birds
Dead human beings (on the news)
Dead raccoon

The tarantula was pretty cool, but kept heading back towards the center of the road despite me nudging it with my cell phone back to the side of the street. So it probably ended up dead too. I hate cars.

Oh and I did see a pack of wild pig type things called javlinas. I came upon a group of twenty crossing the road in front of me. I tried to get some pictures of them on my phone, but they were skittish and ran away from me. I oinked and snorted for them to return, but I realized too late that I was using an incorrect dialect.

3 thoughts on “Windy, but still warm and sunny

  1. I’m beginning to realize that animal dialects are more complex than most people give them credit for. I get along great with the cows in Eugene, but cows in Salem are either very snooty or have a completely different moo system.

  2. This is bat country!

    See any jackelopes?

    P.S. happybdaytoday – and cheers to awkward phone conversations 4life.

  3. If you can’t speak pig latin forget talking to them.
    Beware of the javlinas, they can be dangerous. Grandma

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