Nothing new to report

I haven’t written anything in the last week because I have very little to tell you.  I have been doing easy rides, and thought I was on the verge of getting better.  But I was not.  I’m still getting over the virus and with any luck I will be able to make a good recovery by the 17th, which is when I start the Tour of Liege.  If I’m not better by then, I will be very mad, as opposed to just being mad, which is where I’m at right now.


2 thoughts on “Nothing new to report

  1. Hi Kennett, I feel for you. I have had a head cold for a week now and today was the first day I felt like running. That was hard enough with all the junk in my lungs still from the cold, coughing, hacking, spitting up more junk every 100 yards or so. This infection/allergy/cold stuff really sucks life out of us. Good luck, use your nasal rinse (do you have one?)

  2. yeah I have a nasal rinse. And a bunch of other stuff too. Good luck getting over your cold (I bet it’s allergies by the way). I’m moving out of Oregon for next summer/ late spring.

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