Kennettron re-boot

I took a visit to the doctor’s office today and found out that my lungs had a litter less mucus in them.  They’re at 7.1 right now, which is almost back to normal.  My doctor also gave me another prescription for some more antibiotics, a stronger kind.  That puts me at 7 (seven) drugs right now.  That’s more than my grandmother takes.

I’m looking at this little set back as a good thing.  Kind of like Lance’s year of cancer.  He got sick, took some time off to let his muscles and body recover from all that hard training, lost a lot of useless upper body mass, and rejuvenated his passion for cycling.  All of these things boosted his performance for the next seven years.  My situation isn’t really any different.  I’m taking time off to let my body recover from 8 months of hard training.  And I’m loosing upper body mass (my arms have actually gotten smaller finally).  My desire to race is higher than ever right now.  Everything is the same, except for the cancer part.  I think these allergies and virus will prove to be the most helpful weapon in my arsenal of helpful weapons.  At the end of it all, Super Kennett will emerge victorious.  Stronger and faster than ever.  My speed will be night and day difference.  Windows 95 vs Windows 98 difference.  Hot Tamales vs Extra Hot Hot Tamales difference.  Actually, no.  I hate the Extra Hot Hot Tamales.  It’ll be Muchas Gracias on Frankiln st. vs Muchas Gracias on 15th st. difference.  Skim milk vs 2% chocolate milk difference.  Trek 1600 vs Cervelo R3 difference.  Hutches vs Life Cycle difference (yeah that’s right Nick).  Using the left arm vs right arm difference.  Plain cheese pizza vs meat lover’s difference.  Hot dog vs. chili dog difference.  Vanilla ice cream vs chocolate ice cream difference.  Mike’s mother vs Tony’s mother difference.  McCain vs Obama difference.  Dirty shamois smell vs a can of peaches difference.  Pickle vs cucumber difference.  Lime Gatorade vs Orange Gatorade difference.  Naked mole rat vs California sea lion difference.  Appalachians vs Himalayans difference.  Amoxicillin vs Clavulanate difference.  I leave on Saturday, so there better be a difference pretty damn soon.

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