Legs coming back

The weather is turning around.  Today’s morning ride was damp but warm, and the sun finally peaked out from beige Belgium clouds.  Tony and I headed out at 10:00 for intervals.  5×3’ each with 4’ rests.  120 rpm for the first minute, 75 rpm for the second—both at around 330 watts.  The third minute was all out. 


After these we had 10 minutes off, then six 15-second sprints with 45 second rests.  After a logging truck passed, we started the first interval and I managed to jump onto the truck’s draft for a good little ride at 35 mph.  I am starting to feel good about sprinting, at last.  I beat Tony on all the sprints today, which usually doesn’t happen since he’s a beastly sprinter.  Although he says I won only because of the And I maxed out at 1,424 watts for the first time.  For the past couple months, I haven’t even gotten above 1,300.  And I did 1,300 or higher eight times today.  My legs are definitely coming around now; my lungs will follow shortly I hope.  One more ride this afternoon to clear out the lactic acid, and then we have our first race tomorrow.