Almost there

I’ve still been hacking up stuff on rides and feeling pretty tired, but I think there is a good chance I’ll be better by Friday. In fact, I’m going to race anyways. That aught to scare my virus away. I heard there was something going around the peleton during Cascade. That must be what I caught, and like most colds, it’s lasting longer than I thought it would. I’m probably one of the only Oregonian’s with a

It seems like I always come up with good topics to write about or funny jokes throughout the day, but by the time I do get around to writing, they’ve disappeared. Such is the case right now.

I went sailing with my brother the other day in our small wooden sailboat. Last summer my dad and Galen took it out and it almost sunk in the first 10 minutes. My dad patched it up since then and now it only leaks a little. We always take it to Henry Harrison Hagg Lake, and ever since I started bike racing out there my pulse quickens every time the dam comes into view.

It was a hot day, good for swimming but bad for sailing since the wind was weak. We got out there and took turns jumping off the boat while the other sailed around and attempted to run over the person in the water. Unfortunately, like I said, the wind wasn’t very strong so the boat on swimmer contact wasn’t enough to do any damage and the swimmer could easily just grab onto the front of the boat and climb aboard.

We spent a little while trying to ram our dad in his kayak, but he was more maneuverable than us and the only way we could get him was by jumping from the front of the sailboat onto the back of his kayak. When doing this, it is important to use the proper language and the proper English accent: “By order of the Queen’s Royal Navy, we are commandeering this vessel for God and country!” Don’t be surprised if you hear my give this a try next time I’m chasing down a breakaway.

Later on in the day, some people on the dock thought my brother and I were in trouble, drowning or something. We had been taking turns towing each other with some rope, making lots of noise, then I had jumped off the boat so there was no one steering. It started going in tight circles and Galen got on board to take the ruder. I got back on too, we made a close pass to the dock, and about 300m later I jumped off. Galen kept on going for 15 minutes before coming back for me, and that’s when the lake rescue guy showed up. We never saw him though, because he must have assumed we were fine.

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