Holding strong

I made it through last night and I’m still vegan(ish). I ate some spaghetti sauce that had meatballs in it. Even though I didn’t eat any of the meatballs, a true vegan wouldn’t have touched the sauce. Plus I’ve had fish oil pills and cod oil of course. But basically I’m still vegan. It’s not that hard actually, but I feel like I need to find some good protein sources because I haven’t had much in the last couple days. Tofu is expensive but tasty if cooked right, Sam suggested Seatin, but I don’t know how I’d prepare him; quinoa isn’t that high in protein and I eat it all the time anyways, so it’s off to Albertson’s to get some ideas.

Eugene Celebration starts today with a 5 mile prologue TT up McBeth–a pretty steep hill. Saturday is the 78 mile road race that covers three laps of the Thursday Nighter, and Sunday has a 15 mile TT in the morning and a 60 minute crit in the evening at the Tuesday night crit course. This will be a shock to the system. Nick, you want to soft pedal up McBeth with me today or are you going fast?




Oh, and I almost forgot. I got a great haircut from Leeann last night.




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