That was a shock. 70’s to 40’s in a day. Let me remind you all that when it’s 70 or more degrees, all you need is a pair of bibs, sunglasses, and a jersey. And SUNSCREEN. And lots of water stops. It feels very good, by the way. This does not. I know the weather is awesome right now (no rain). But still. Wow. It’s a shock; you’ve got to remember that I’ve been enjoying summer for the past three months and to go from summer to 40 degrees and getting dark at 5:00 pm…doesn’t feel too good. Although, I am happy to be back in Oregon and see all my friends and family. I’ll be in Eugene on Friday through Sunday this weekend. And I’ll also be riding in Salem during my first Team O group ride. Any of you guys down in Eugene are welcome to hitch a car ride with me on Saturday morning to go up and join in. I hear it’s gonna be wicked cool. I’ll see you Eugenians on Friday at the shop/on an afternoon ride/at a movie/at a party/in a tree-fort/on the streets slumming for crack money/in the county jail/at Derek’s mother’s house/wherever.

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