Good Training in Oregon So Far

It’s cold up here but the riding is going well.  This weekend I went down to Eugene to get my bike fixed up and ride with some friends.  Yesterday Will, Chris, Mike and I went up to Salem to ride the Team Oregon group ride.  Unfortunately, the team is now probably going to avoid riding with me because I ended up getting three flats.  I had a faulty tire, a brand new Schwalbe, that was causing slow leaks.  It was very annoying and I ended up riding with about 15 psi for most of the time after we realized that putting new tubes in wasn’t solving anything.  Every 15 minutes Chris and I would pump my tire up with his frame pump.  The rest of the guys were more understanding than I would have been.  I think it’s going to be a great year racing with them.

Today Will, Chris, Mike, and I did a five hour ride after eating breakfast at Mike’s.  When Will and I headed over to his house at 8:00 it was 24 degrees.  It was difficult to leave the heated house after breakfast, although the temperature had warmed up to 27 degrees, almost too hot to ride!