Gear Report

I’ve copied Lary’s Gear Report idea.  But I have his permission. He’s got six or seven gear reports that are worth checking out.

Gear #1: Shimano Winter Boots SH-RW80.


1. Warm
2. Cool Looking
3. Water resistant
4. Pretty light despite their appearance.
5. Very high quality

1. They’re pretty expensive. $300.

My vote: BUY. They’re the single most important piece of equipment other than the bike. My feet are actually comfortable for the first winter ever. I’m even going to race in them when it’s cold and wet out. They’re awesome.

Gear #2 Cycling hat with sewn on sock ear flaps.


1. It’s a hat with pieces of wool sock sewn on for extra ear coverage.
2. Stylish
3. Keeps your ears warm
4. Cheaper than buying a decent hat that covers your ears.

1. none.

My vote: BUY/construct.

Gear #3: Diabetic Compression Tights from any pharmacy store


1. Stylish.
2. Keeps the blood out of your legs after workouts and long car/plane trips–speeding recovery.

1. Expensive. They usually cost around $30.
2. They rip easily and get worn out after a month or two of use.
3. They’re white, which means you have to wash them or else be ridiculed for being a dirty slob.

My Vote: BUY. They may not be “Proven” to work, but they give you peace of mind.

Gear #4: Bento Box


1. Holds over four cliff bars.
2. Keeps more room in you back pockets for other food.
3. Easy to get to while riding.
4. Stylish

1. Pricey at $15. unless you find one for free from someone who doesn’t want theirs, which should be easy because they look really stupid.

My Vote: BUY/find a free one. I keep permanent cliff bars in it just in case I need more food on some long ride I didn’t plan accordingly for.