Too much fruit

When I catch a cold the first thing I do is go to the grocery store and get all the ingredients to make chicken noodle soup.  I know that chicken soup isn’t a magical cure to the common cold, but I’ve trained myself into thinking that it is.  And the placebo affect has been proven to help people overcome sicknesses and accomplish other things they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.  So every time I get sick I make a big batch of soup.  And I also buy a ton of fruit, no matter what the cost.  Fruit is the key to getting rid of colds. Fortunately (and unfortunately) fruit is super cheap right now.  Apples are a little over $1 a pound, oranges are 33 cents a pound, and bananas are always cheap.  So I bought a lot. The unfortunate part of the low cost and therefore huge quantity of it that I bought comes a couple hours after consuming it.  While eating this particular platter of fruit, my roommates questioned my reasoning.


“Uh, are you expecting people to come over to help eat that?”
“You’re going to be sick.”
“That’s a lot of fruit!”
“How can you possibly digest all that?”

I laughed it off at the time, happily chowing down on a fruit salad big enough to give a chimp a panic attack, but four hours later I was hurting. NO. It is not possible to digest more than 10 pieces of fruit a day. Especially when combined with a diet mainly comprised of oats and whole wheat pasta. Add in the three habineros I ate today on top of it all. Now I am two kinds of sick.