Second thoughts

My time here in Tucson is coming to an end. I plan on returning to Oregon on Wednesday, although I fly standby so I could change my mind if I wanted. My plane will lift off in the early morning air, leaving the tall Saguaro cacti and dry, beige mountains behind. Ahead will lie rain, moss, trees, and lots of intervals. Part of me regrets my decision to leave Tucson so early. I had planned on staying here for another month to race in early February, but I was becoming bored by myself and missing my true riding pals, friends and family back in Oregon (plus I’m almost out of cash). But as I think about the time I’ve spent here the past couple months, I know I’ll miss it. The sun, Mt. Lemmon, long rides out to Kitt Peak, the Shootout, cheap mexican food, which I regretfully admit I’ve only indulged in once before today. But I’ll miss smelling it as I ride by. Tucson is a great place for a few months, but much longer and it begins to wear on you. I need a change of scenery. There, I just made up my mind. As I started writing this post, I thought about deleting it and pushing back my departure another couple weeks. But no, I’m confident now that I’m making the right decision. My bike needs to be fixed once and for all, which has to happen at Life Cycle because it would cost a fortune down here, and I need a fix too. A food fix. I can’t survive much longer on oats and pasta alone! My dad left a message the other day informing me he has stocked the fridge with all the makings for a feast of huevos rancheros. For all you non-spanish speakers, that translates to “breakfast of kings.”

What I’ve gained from Tucson: good tan, new friends, and the realization that becoming a world champion may take a while (yes that is my goal). I don’t feel like I’m fast yet, but I do feel like I’ve built a good base to work with this year.

What Tucson has gained from me: the dying cactus that I pee on at the base of Lemmon is looking greener…huh. I’ve been thinking for about five minutes now and can’t think of anything else. Well if you affect one life then you did your job!

And now for some pictures to keep you guys entertained.  I brought sewing thread down here, but no needle.  So I’ve been trying other options for a tear in my bibs.


Staples didn’t work.


Tape didn’t work and now it’s getting pretty big.


Unrelated to the tear problem.

3 thoughts on “Second thoughts

  1. Alright! When you get here I’ll show you how to provide the proper blog subscription options.

    And you’re invited to dinner. But I’ll warn you if Will cooks, he thinks its OK to put plastic bags in the microwave.

    By the way, there’s this guy, Tim Tebow, and he said he’ll tear your legs off. That’s right, Tim Tebow.

  2. You missed a good Sat ride on Team O. The long ride did 90-100 miles, with a loop around hagg lake (potholes fixed now). Weather was cool in the high 40’s but dry and we had to start shedding layers fast. Had about 25 folks on the ride counting the 5 or 6 CMG workhorses that joined. Mucho fun.

  3. Larry, let’s make burritos.

    Phil, I’m looking forward to riding with you guys. I’ll be out there soon!

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