Life Cycle Team 2009

My coach, Gilad Gozlan, is putting together a cat 1/2 team that will compete in NRC races next year. If you want to join the team, give his bike shop a call at 541-686-2994 (Life Cycle Bike Shop), or email him or I. His email is Mine is

We are also looking for a team manager. The position will have compensation, assuming enough sponsors are found. Contact Gilad if you are interested in this position.

The team is also looking for more cat 5, 4, and 3 racers.

6 thoughts on “Life Cycle Team 2009

  1. So LifeCycles plans on going from a first year regional team (w/ no offense Kennett) no great results to speak of. To a NRC team next year?

    Kennett, you’re a talented rider, but I am not sure you’re going to fulfill your full potential until you get away from Gilad.

  2. Jason,

    Although we are in need of more riders and a manager, we are not in need of a talent scout. We may not have the results in the cat 1/2 field, in which I am the only rider, but we have to start somewhere.

    And don’t forget, it’s always easier to be the critic than the performer.

    -The Management

    PS when was the last time Gilad coached you and you did bad?

  3. wow, feel the love
    sometimes i allow myself to think that b/c we all ride/ race bikes that there is a common bond between us all and everyone is angelic, when in reality theres just as many dickhead cyclists are there are dickhead people–if the idea of a local team dreaming of progessing to another level fills you with such ill feelings just please go away- or at least have the balls to own up to it withyour name

  4. thanks Mike and Kennett and all of the lifecycle team I know we suck. But we have bad ass looking kit. And looking good and suck is better then sucking and looking like shit.

    And for all you all just know one thing

    If you can’t beat us join us.

  5. FYI – There is no such thing as a Cat 2 NRC team. NRC events are either PRO or PRO/Cat 1 for 2008 and beyond. Cat 2’s should focus on regional racing and becoming Cat 1’s. THEN focus on national racing. Having run the Broadmark/Hagens Berman national teams for the past years, I can tell you it’s harder then it looks to field a team to compete at these races. You had better be a dominant Cat 1 before you jump into national events. And the travel is only getting more expensive, so a good sponsor is very important. It’s hard to do much with less then 6 figures. Which is more then most bike shops can provide. But I DO encourage you to put something together and give it a go with the team and with coaching. It’s a lot of fun and rewarding helping guys get to the top level. Oregon could use this kind of team. Butch has a good thing going at CMG, so you’ll have to compete with him for riders, of course. Anyway. Best of luck,


  6. Have you seen the bizarro Life Cycle team? There is the regular Life Cycle Team then there is the Cycle Life Team ( One is mostly green, one has a little green. One is mostly men the other is mostly women. One is on the West Coast (rhymes with best, coincidence?) the other is East Coast. There top girl is pretty cute, Kennett is, uh… very robotic.

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