Life Cycle Team 2009

My coach, Gilad Gozlan, is putting together a cat 1/2 team that will compete in NRC races next year. If you want to join the team, give his bike shop a call at 541-686-2994 (Life Cycle Bike Shop), or email him or I. His email is Mine is

We are also looking for a team manager. The position will have compensation, assuming enough sponsors are found. Contact Gilad if you are interested in this position.

The team is also looking for more cat 5, 4, and 3 racers.

Elkhorn pictures

I didn’t get very many pictures of the weekend, and none of them involved bikes, but here they are.

Our carbs, arranged in glycemic index order.

Here’s Mike and Will playing a game of chess.  I beat both of them later on in the weekend.  Yeah that’s right Will.

Tony got beat up by his younger brother the day before the race.

Will got heat exhaustion or some stomach virus that caused him to vomit for hours and hours after the first stage.

He ate a lot of something red.

Orion and David doing something.

Will throwing up again later that evening.