I’m better!!!!

Yesterday was my first ride.  I did the CSC ride with a couple LC guys and about 15 others.  The pace wasn’t too hard, and I did a fair amount of work.  But I was definitely not feeling 100%.  I didn’t cough too much and the weather was great, so I have no complaints.  I can tell that I’m starting to come out of my zombie phase (the onset of zombie phase comes due to a lack of riding).  

Do you suffer from poor nights of sleep, restless leg syndrome, boredom, a lack of appetite, bowl movements only once a day, and a general feeling of uselessness?  If so, you may have ZP (zombie phase).  People suffering from ZP lose the desire to do anything productive during the day, and often sit around for hours watching The Office reruns on the Internet.  ZP sufferers sleep in until 1:00 in the afternoon, dreaming of bike racing and doing things outside in the sun.  People with ZP have a fear of losing their tan lines, as well as VO2 points.  But there’s hope.  

New, ground-breaking research has concluded that Bike Riding decreases outbreaks of ZP.  It’s still possible to spread ZP to your riding partner and Bike Riding will not cure ZP for good.  Relapses may occur.  Talk to your doctor about whether Bike Riding is right for you.  

Possible side effects of Bike Riding include, but are not limited to, large quads, skinny arms, cool scars, loss of finances due to equipment purchases, loss of interests in everything other than Bike Riding, obsession, veiny calves, and saddle sores.  

If you suffer from ZP and you’d like to start living your life again, Bike Riding may be for you.  


I rode with Lisa and Gilad this morning, working on sprinting and climbing technique.  This is the third time we’ve practiced this and I still suck.  Gilad can out-sprint me.  Something must be done.  Monday workout is tonight.  I’m excited.  It feels great to finally be oot and aboot!!!