Yesterday’s shit ride.

Yesterday was a shit ride. To be more accurate, I was shit yesterday ON the ride. It was one all out effort up Mcbeth, some intervals, and then a 5 mile all out TT with 15 second sprints every minute. I rode with Will and he kicked my ass during the intervals. I was feeling like crap, and my mind was not in it. So, for the first time in over a year, I quit the workout early. I was very upset with myself when I got home. A word of advice: NEVER quit a workout early. That advice is mainly for myself when I read this blog later this year.

I went back out to finish the workout after taking a nap and going to class. It felt good to finish it. I got about 9 hours of sleep last night. And today I took a 2.5 hour nap. I think my grogginess and spaghetti doughnut legs are gone now. Just in time to burninate tomorrow’s prologue.

Today Tony, Aaron, and I went for an easy hour spin. We previewed the crit course for the Willamette SR and zig-zagged in and out of traffic and parking lots playing a game of hide and seek with Aaron. He’s just too easy to tease.

Tomorrow is burnination. 6.6k all out. 430 watts here I come, bitch.


One thought on “Yesterday’s shit ride.

  1. Turning back early is good if you feel bad. That’s why powermeters rock. If you’re putting out 10-12% less than you normally would/can, go home.

    That’s what Coggan says, at least, and I like him.

    You’re going to do 430 watts? That’s sweeeet. Send me that file.

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