I rode easy today with Luke and Tony. It felt good to have an off day because my legs are trash right now. But I want to ride tomorrow and Gilad won’t let me. F. Maybe I’ll do a short little 5 hour spin and I won’t tell him about it. hahahaha

Other news. Tony and I will be going to Europe this summer to get our asses kicked for two months. We’ll be racing with the Israeli national team guys. I am excited beyond excitement. We’ll be racing 3 or 4 times a week from July through August, and I will get to test my legs against some other guys my age in the U23 Tour de Antwerp. Fuck yeah!!! Let the burnination begin. The only hold up is the financing of this trip. If anyone has an extra 2,500 euro sitting around and wants to donate it, let me know. Belgium is going to be awesome; I’ve always wanted to visit the Appalachians.