Mt. Hood and other things

Today was an easy ride. Yesterday was an off day for the bike, but of course the monday night workout was still on. Monday nighters are always fun.

My legs feel a little sore and tired from all the racing, training, and travel, but they’re eager to tear up the asphalt as soon as possible. I feel more and more motivated to train after each weekend of racing. And I can’t think about much else during the week than racing my bike.

10 pounds equals 20 watts. So part of my recent training includes morning runs and slightly less food. My body fat is already low, so I will mainly be losing the useless muscle weight of my upper body. It just won’t go away; I’m considering putting my arms in slings for weeks at a time, hoping they will atrophy due to lack of use. Well, maybe my left arm will atrophy.

Mt Hood….god damn it. I signed up too late. The cat 2/3 field is already full with 125 riders and probably an even longer waiting list. I’d rather race with the p/1 field, but I only have one point. Come on OBRA, you can forget about those 29 little points right? haha. I guess I’ll have to sit this one out, which is pretty upsetting since I think this hilly stage race would have suited me very well. I think it sucks that the cat men’s 4/5 field was cut, the 2s and 3s have to ride together, and all the women’s categories will be combined (which is excluding the cat 4s also). When I become dictator of the world, I’m going to set aside around $80 billion in funding for bike races. And that’s just for Oregon.


ps Gilad is ugly