After my one class today I went for an easy ride for an hour. It was sunny, which was a nice change from the snow and hail, and rain of last week. The most eventful thing that occurred during the ride was that when I was waiting at a stop light, my heart rate got down to 52 in a matter of seconds. After the ride I went to Life Cycle and began putting together my new bike: a Cervelo R3. Yeah, you heard me right. Cervelo R3. Now I have NO excuses for bad races.

The Monday night workout–which is comprised of running, plyometrics, and a lot of core work–was easy today. Although, I had to fight pretty hard to hold back the tears when Gilad and everyone started making fun of my stick-like calves. Apparently I have tiny tiny girly calves, which was made apparent because this was the first day it has been warm enough to wear shorts during the Monday nighter. In my opinion, having small calves just means less rotational weight.

4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. haha ya, i don’t know what happened, dad and i both have big calves, mountaineering calves if i should say so myself, you have swimmer calves.

  2. Less rotational weight and less girls looking at your legs. that’s ok though, there’s always Mike’s mom.

  3. I wouldn’t be criticizing my calves Adam. Last time I checked, you seemed to be lacking in the calfal region yourself. And I’m getting tired of Mike’s mom.

  4. i had no idea people were talking about my mom! of course what else should i expect. by the way kennettron your veins are somewhat lacking also.

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