I’ll be missing another race because I didn’t let my body get over this cold.  Because of my poor judgment, what should have been a four day cold has turned into a two and a half week ordeal.  My cold started back a few days before Cherry Pie.  If I hadn’t done that race, I would have been over my cold.  After the race, I took a few days off because I felt sick, then did some hard intervals that Wednesday.  After that, I started getting an ear infection and my cold got worse.  So I took three more days off.  Then began training again this Monday with an easy 2 hour ride.  I felt ok, but still sick, and rode hard the next day for a little under four hours in the rain and I’ve been trying to recover since.  Today I went out an a short pre race ride to see how I felt.  I feel like I did before Cherry Pie and those other two hard rides.  Still sick, but almost better.  I’m not going to make the same mistake a fourth time in a row, which means no Banana Belt tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Idiot

  1. i heard you have a coach now (J.Rose)…that is nice, very nice.

    colds, sick….
    please read up on the benefits of cod liver oil. taken everyday it is a tremendous help in avoiding getting sick in the first place.

    Listerine is great for instantly killing throat sickness’es

    good luck getting healthy!

  2. Lot’s of time ahead Kennett. Take your time and get healthy then go big later in the year when it counts! Be patient, Kennett!


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