People are STUPID

Why, you ask?  Because.  They just are.  Look around you and you’ll see almost nothing but STUPIDNESS.  Cars, houses, roads, buildings, and most people’s thoughts.  They’re all terrible.  Why do we live in a world like this?  Why do we choose to have things this way?  There is no destiny.  The entire history of time didn’t have to build up to what we have now: deforestation in the Amazon so we can eat beef at McDonalds, trillions of tons of excess c02 in the atmosphere, trash on the sides of the roads, gravel in the bike lanes, bike lanes made of oil, overpopulation, over-consumption, over-trained cyclists, inefficient and wasteful city planning, idiotic local news, a planet full of ignorance but only a hand full of bliss.  Take gold for example.  There is a recent National Geographic article that talks about gold and it’s global impact, and its recent rise in value (the gold not the planet. duhh).

Gold is something with no true value.  It serves very little in terms of practical uses–fillings, computer stuff, Olympic gold metals.  That’s about it.  But for some stupid reason, thought up by our equally dumb ancestors eons ago, it has huge monetary value.  Maybe it made sense a long time ago to use it as currency because it could be manipulated easily, was rare, didn’t rust, and was cool looking.  But now it should have no value.  Like diamonds (which aren’t even rare), gold causes misery and slow deaths to hundreds of thousands of third world inhabitance across the globe.  

Mercury is flushed down what once were pristine mountain streams after the caustic Hg is used to separate $20 gold nuggets from rock–done so with bare hands by poor families in an attempt to make money for food, so that they can continue handling mercury to find gold, so that they can buy food, so they can continue mining for gold…..

Huge open-pit mines destroy entire mountains as American (and other) corporations pillage foreign countries (third world) for microscopic gold flakes.  Why?  So rich people (you and I) can wear jewelry and stock Fort Knocks.  The average gold wedding ring requires 250 tons of rock to be excavated.  What value does tradition have if it means the demise of others and the planet?  Don’t buy gold.  

Why do we still use coal?  Why do we still use oil?  Why do we continue to have wars?  Why do we submit ourselves to be ruled by the most corrupt people we can find?  Why do we (not me) want to be ruled?  Why do people still shop at Wal-Mart? Why are people still buying SUV’s? Every day I see, feel, and hear brand new SUVs as they’re giant scrap-metal carcasses zoom by me with 1 foot to spare.  Don’t these idiots remember gas was $4 a gallon a few months ago???  KENNETTRON MAD!!!  Kennettron go take rock and make smash smash at wal mart parking lot.  This make Kennettron happy.  Kennettron run from mean policeman.  Kennettron decide he do what he want from now on after he outrun policeman.  Kennettron take rock and go make smash smash at doughnut store and steal chocolate doughnuts.  Kennettron get tummy ache because Kennettron eat too many delicious doughnuts.  But Kennettron no care, he can outrun policeman and he bigger than doughnut store man, so he steal more doughnuts and get more tummy ache.  Yes, this is the logic of the world.  WHY?

But, most importantly.  Why does my stupid front fender keep rubbing on my wheel??  I adjust it and adjust it and re adjust it until I think it’s prefect.  Then 10 minutes later it’s rubbing again!!#3t aklsdjflkasjdfk;hasldjfhjlaskdhfjkahweiufawohra hjskd

Sometimes, you just have to imagine a place that isn’t like the one we’re in.  And realize that maybe (but probably not) things will get better if you do something about it.  If that doesn’t work, it’s time to go do some hill intervals.