I’ll be missing another race because I didn’t let my body get over this cold.  Because of my poor judgment, what should have been a four day cold has turned into a two and a half week ordeal.  My cold started back a few days before Cherry Pie.  If I hadn’t done that race, I would have been over my cold.  After the race, I took a few days off because I felt sick, then did some hard intervals that Wednesday.  After that, I started getting an ear infection and my cold got worse.  So I took three more days off.  Then began training again this Monday with an easy 2 hour ride.  I felt ok, but still sick, and rode hard the next day for a little under four hours in the rain and I’ve been trying to recover since.  Today I went out an a short pre race ride to see how I felt.  I feel like I did before Cherry Pie and those other two hard rides.  Still sick, but almost better.  I’m not going to make the same mistake a fourth time in a row, which means no Banana Belt tomorrow.