Cherry Pie Photos

Here are some photos from the cat 1/2 race that are on over on the right hand side of the page in a slideshow.  There are more pictures from the other categories as well.



Seth (HP Chiro) on the front.


Wes from Paul’s.


Banana time.



Jacob in a break.


Los Tres Amigos.  Me and Chris–in the blue Z Team kit hidden to the right.  And Quinn, peaking out there in the blue/yellow Flanders colors to the far left.


What I lack in sprinting I make up for in grunting and grimacing.


Damn it.


Paul B. of Hutches takes 4th after Austin and Wes S. of Hammer/CMG.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Pie Photos

  1. Nice work at Cherry Pie! I moved my blog to – you can update your link!

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