I….I…I DID IT!!!

This has been my greatest victory to date. And may be the greatest victory I’ll ever have. And all before the race season even began! Last night I started getting a sore throat. I had nightmares all night about getting sick. When I woke up this morning, my throat was even worse. So I didn’t ride at all today. I napped, rested, called in sick for work, and rested some more. The sore throat went away by noon, but usually it will come back by the evening if I’m getting sick. My throat still isn’t sore. It’s a miracle. I fought off a cold before I even got sick. Amazing. Simply amazing. I feel like I should end my season with a victory. Maybe this is the one.  WRONG.

Tour of California. Looks like it’s going to be amazing. I’ve been checking Velonews at least three or four times a day to read new articles about “the greatest cycling field ever assembled on American soil.” I’m super jealous of everyone who’s getting to race in it.

With any luck, the sore throat is gone for good and I’ll see you guys at Cherry Pie on Sunday.

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