Kennett’s favorite pro riders

**I usually never go back and edit posts but this one is actually quite embarrassing to me now. What a clueless cycling fan boy that I was back then. Over half of these bastards are/where doped to the gills and the fact that I once idolized those cheats pisses me off. The moral of the story, for me anyways, is to never look up to someone unless you know them personally. Also, damn was I horrible with margins back then or what?**

Here is a list of my favorite pro riders, not in any particular order and not with any particular set of criteria. These guys are just way bad-ass in some way or another.

Jeff Louder of BMC–I like his name. Plus I just like BMC in general because they’re a continental US team competing with the big Euro boys.




Martijn Maaskant of Slipstream–4th place in the Roubaix during his first year as a pro. Plus I hear that his girlfriend is hot, according to Qwin.




Fabian Cancellara of Saxo Bank–He’s the rider I most aspire to be because of his horse-like riding power.




Steven Cozza of Slipstream–It’s all about the mustache, baby.




Doug Ollerenshaw (formerly Rock Racing)–A fellow Oregonian.

Awesome facial expression, by the way.


Doug gets two pics.


Svein Tuft of Slipstream–2nd place world TT championships. Plus he briefly drafted off me in the Shootout.




Ryder Hesjedal of Slipstream–Cool name, lives in Hawaii, hangs out with Laird Hamilton.




Benjamín Noval of Astana–He’s never won a pro race, but he sits on the front of the pack all day and pulls like a possessed animal. Hence the nickname “El Toro.”




“Big” Jens Voigt 0f Saxo Bank (thanks Mike, I forgot about him)–The nickname says it all for this beast of a homo sapien.  He’s large and in charge.  Of breakaways, that is.






And here’s a link to a site about famous race horses.

4 thoughts on “Kennett’s favorite pro riders

  1. What about “big” Tom Boonen? Granted he isn’t a workhorse, but he probably has the same power slant as you (I dunno, can you sprint too?)

  2. I don’t care for Boonen. He’s not quite as gutsy as guys like Fabian, Voigt, or Maaskant. But mainly, everyone ELSE loves him.

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