Bike components on their last leg. No, stump.

After my first set of isolated leg intervals up A mountain today, I began noticing a grinding skip in my rear derailleur.  I ignored it and finished my intervals while it grew louder and more clunkier.  Plus on the way down, while I coasted, my chain kept derailing and going slack.  On the way home, I attempted to solve the problems by screwing with the barrel adjuster, which did nothing.  I knew that if I went to the bike shop, they would find something wrong and it would cost a fortune.  If I went home, there was a good chance that it might go away on its own.  I used my worst judgment and went to the shop for some stupid reason, and was told that my chain, cassette, and free-hub body were all ready for the dump.  Plus my derailleur hanger was bent.  And that I was ugly.  Wait, no.  That last part only happens at Life Cycle.

I rode home, cursing at the ever-worsening clanking as my bike continued to moan.  I set the bike in its corner and forgot about it for a few hours.  Then I decided that I would fix the problem myself.  So I bent the derailleur hanger back straight and, though I haven’t test ridden it yet, I assume that by fixing that one problem, everything else has been solved.

Another one of my problems will soon be solved as well: being bored all day by myself.  I’ve decided to return to Oregon in the next week or two and get a job and start saving a little money for the races I plan on doing in the spring.  I’ve survived 22 other Oregon winters in the past, and this one’s already half way over so I guess I’ll be able to manage one more.  The weather here is great, obviously, but the rest of the time while I’m not on the bike I’m extremely bored.  So it’s back to Oregon, where I plan on inflicting some pain on the CSC, UofO, Team O, and Life Cycle rides.  And no, Will.  I am not going to slow down on the hills for you.

Last week’s creation…BEHOLD: PECAN SANDI!!!!!



Crafted by Sir Galen and Chef Kennett.  Ingredients:

crushed pecans
all spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves
clam chowda
Boston baked beans
jeggar bombs
fish chowda
lemon zest
more jeggar bombs
lemon juice
baking powder and baking soda

cream cheese
lemon zest and juice
humpback hhhhwhale chowda
Boston Lagger
a pawkd caw
powdered sugar

4 thoughts on “Bike components on their last leg. No, stump.

  1. Derek, your comment wasn’t appropriate for this blog. So I’ll do a recap of it: “Kennett, you are so cool and fast on the bike. I wish I had .00001% of your talent and speed. Please teach me your ways and I will repay you with endless free dinners. I am lame and stupid.”

  2. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I will. I’ll be living up in Sherwood with my family, but I plan on coming down to Eugene once a week for a few days to train with you guys. And I would like to see you try to keep up with my on the hills. My extra 55 pounds of fat I’ve gained packs a punch when the slope gets steep. On the down hills, that is.

  3. Let us know when you’re up in the Portland area and ready for some rides (weekend or weekdays).

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