Body….tired. must….rest.

Damn, Tony and I are both beat from this week. My Shootout kind of sucked this morning. I was in the breakaway, but couldn’t hold on during the hill, which is usually where I feel strongest. But for consolation, I won the pack sprint up the final climb again. After looking at my power data when I got home, I could see some serious proof that I’m ready for a rest week.  *Update* I was just reading Garmin/Chipotle’s blog (like I do every day) and I found out that one of the Garmin guys in the shootout today was Svein Tuft, 2nd place World TT Champion this year despite flatting in the last 5K.  Uhhhh, yeah.  I was drafting off him.  Pretty cool.


Tony before the ride, waiting on campus while everyone showed up.  It was super cold this morning, but warmed up to a nice 67 degrees later on.


Tony during the slow part of the ride before things got heated up.


One of my favorite meals.  Whole wheat tortillas, two fried eggs with lots of olive oil, sweet potatoes with peppers, and beans.  Smothered in a healthy dose of Valentino’s hot sauce, which comes in a liter bottle for only $3.00.


A. Guisto carrying five pounds of oranges in a plastic bag back pack.  Uncomfortable for distances over 25 miles.  But we couldn’t pass up the unbeatable price of $5 for 10 pounds at a road-side stand.


I had oranges too, and some chilies stuffed in my jersey.


The Tucson Treat.  Quinoa, refried beans, olives, sweet potatoes, onions, a bit of hamburger meat, and seasoning.


The Tony in it’s cave.  It rarely moves from this location, and only to ride, eat, poop, and ride.


Aaron left his cookies when he went off to Bishop for a climbing trip.  Bad mistake.



TJ’s rock art.