That hurt. Power test today. I did a 20′ test up Mt. Lemmon. I ate too close to the start of the test (eggs with hot sauce, toast, oats, pear). I got to about 7 minutes and was feeling like gold. Legs were fresh, lungs were barely working. And then it hit me, my stomach started rising up and out of my throat. My intestines seemed to be using a plunger to force all those unwanted eggs back up my esophagus. I finished the test of course, but it was pretty crappy. About 30 less watts than what I was shooting for. I’ll do one in a few weeks again but next time I’ll start out slower and eat way before I ride.


Aaron and I in 2006 at the top of A Mountain.


A couple days ago in 2008. Only difference is my jersey.


Horse with an ice pack.

This is my first rest week since I got down here.  I’m aiming  for 15 or 16 hours, which is giving me a lot of time to apply at restaurants and coffee shops.  I’ve filled out applications at 12 places so far.  Come on, how hard is it to get a crappy job filling up someone’s coffee cup?  I blame the politicians for not fixing the economy.  If people and businesses are low on money, why don’t they just make more?  It’s so simple.  So simple.  Jut print more money.  That way everyone’s happy, especially the horse above because she’ll finally have enough cash to buy an ice machine and a bath tub without mold and scum all over it to take a nice ice bath instead of using that old ice pack.

I went to the gym today after riding and was shocked to see how little I weighed.  Especially since it was evening after eating a large dinner.  I usually weigh myself in the morning.  As I was taking a rest in between squat sets, I noticed that the majority of the other weight lifters were wearing tank tops.  They were all admiring their upper body muscle in the mirrors.  I was wearing a tank top too, but unlike them I was admiring how thin my arms were.  Although I’ve lost upper body mass, I haven’t felt a loss in power at all.  In fact, I’ve been feeling harder, better, faster, stronger.

Ahh, Mike brings up a good point.  After I become harder, better, faster, stronger, and more aerodynamic, hopefully a more technologic bike will show that I am not human after all, but a true robot, rocking.  Then I will be able to race around the world at least one more time.