Shootout videos

What the Shootout’s all about.

The Shootout

Last year there was a little problem with a police car:

Shootout police crash

The majority of drivers down here are fine, but the bad ones seem to be extra crazy.  An example: last week one of my roommates, TJ, was riding his bike home from class and a car sped by him on a residential street going 50 miles an hour.  It happened right in front of our house.  A couple people playing frizbee saw what happened and yelled at the guy in the car, as did TJ.  The car screeched to a stop, and went into reverse screaming back towards TJ at 40 mph.  TJ got out of the way, and began riding off cutting across front lawns to escape the maniac.  The car chased him down and hit him, knocking him to the ground.  Then it took off speeding through stop signs.  Luckily the police showed up.  8 hours later.

2 thoughts on “Shootout videos

  1. The second video–I agree. Cyclers are usually up to no good in my opinion. I know I’m not.

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