4 thoughts on “Feed Bag

  1. That is your idea, I attest to that. I remember you bringing it up on many occasions…riding, recovering, waiting for dinner to be ready…

  2. What happened to the lifecycles “elite” team?

    And WTF is up with Team O wearing red? Every team in Oregon wears red now.

  3. Yeah, I was disappointed that the elite LC team didn’t materialize. We got started on it too late in the year in my opinion, and we couldn’t find any sponsors. They’re going to have a great cat 5,4,3 team though. But Jason, if you want to ride with team O, it’s going to be a strong cat 1/2 team this year. Chris Swan and I will be training in Eugene most likely and racing with team O. So if you want to race with us, it’s something to think about. But think quickly because the orders for the kits are happening now. On the other hand, I don’t want to steal riders from LC. There aren’t any cat 2’s on the LC team right now (other than you) but there will be later on in the season when Mike, Will and some other guys get their upgrades. So you wouldn’t be alone the whole year like I was last year. Either way, we can still train together of course.

    Yes, pink is faster than red. And pink with gold trim and lightning bolts is fastest. But to wear pink and get away with it you have to be on a Euro team. Or just amazingly cool, which I’m trying to work on. Not there yet though. I should take a lesson from the Gentle Lovers guys.

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