Diaper ice packs

Let’s say you come home after another long, hard five hours on the road. Your legs are sore, tired, and beginning to fill with blood at a breathtaking rate–prolonging the time it takes to recover. What do you do? Every cyclist knows the answer to this question. It’s easy. First, of course, you take a recovery drink. Hop in a hot shower for a bit. Stretch. And then cover your legs with diapers. It sooo simpo!!!


They work. I finally found a way to cool down my legs without spending a fortune on ice baths or ice packs. Although now the freezer is completely full of frozen diapers. I’d like to have one more on top of each shin, another for the quad, and one for each butt cheek, but like I said the freezer is packed.  So I just shift them around.


Yes my tan lines keep getting worse, despite sunscreen.

Directions to make your own diaper bags:

Buy some diapers. I bought the jumbo size for 22-37 pound babies. (Unused.  Don’t make the same mistake as me.)
Open it up and saturate the chamois part with agua.
Fold it back up and stick it in a zip lock bag. I use two diapers per bag.

6 thoughts on “Diaper ice packs

  1. actually no. I think it’s considered getting “worse” when you not only have goggle tan lines around your eyes, helmet strap tan lines on the side of your face, and helmet tan lines right above our eyebrows, but ALSO helmet vent tan lines dotted on your forehead. Zoom in and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. I know you mentioned your skinniness in your earlier post – but man, you look like an ethoiopian baby. Well, your stomach isn’t poking out…but your face looks SKINNY! (I’m jealous) – I’m just getting fatter eating peppermint jo-jos and going on 150 watt rides hehehehe

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