GM, Ford, Chrysler…HA!

It’s about time. The only way people are going to stop driving cars is when it gets too expensive. And luckily, we’re approaching that stage. 3 million auto jobs lost in the first year? Good. Thats 3 million more people to build and sell bikes. I hope the chinese auto makers go under too.

In other news, I have an off day tomorrow. Which is good because my bike is very messed up right now. It’s currently in the shop being worked on, maybe. The mechanic said they would try to get to it tomorrow, but they’re extremely busy because of the Tour de Tucson on Saturday. My crank keeps getting loose and I have to get off and tighten it every 10 minutes.

One last thing. Last year I always took an ice bath after every workout for 10 minutes. But I didn’t use ice, the water in the faucet was way below 60 degrees, which is what you need for an ice bath. But the water that comes out of the faucet here is too warm. The coldest it gets is probably 75 degrees. There is no room in the freezer for ice bags, plus buying ice every day is too expensive and impractical. I’ve been contemplating buying a bunch of re-freezable ice packets to strap to my legs, or I could soak some small towels in water and then freeze them, then wrap those around my legs. If you have any suggestions, let’s here hear them.

8 thoughts on “GM, Ford, Chrysler…HA!

  1. shallow bath filled with the frozen towels? dont put ice directly on your legs. ive taken lukewarm water down in temperature for ice baths with regular ice cubes (lots), or ice packs. just add it to the water.

  2. 1. get a job at Mcdonalds and use their walk-in freezer to store ice. plus, you get free french fries.

    2. stop at hotels on the way home and steal their ice.

    3. quit cycling – no need for ice baths any more.

    I think you should consider option 3.

  3. How about sweet talking an athletic trainer at a high school or college that is already doing ice baths for their athletes?

    Find some one working at a hotel that will let you get ice from their machines?

    Doesn’t the gym have an ice machine and/or ice baths?

  4. ice from a hotel or icing at some place other than home is not practical because it needs to happen right after a ride, plus I won’t have energy to stop off on the way home after every ride to grab ice. Whatever the solution is, it needs to be super easy to do. I like the towel idea in the bath. I’ve put a towel in the freezer and I’ll try it out when it’s frozen. Oh and Derek, your sprint is weak.

  5. point the stereo at your legs and turn it on full blast and play “Ice Ice, Baby” you’ll be so cold you won’t know what to do with yourself.

    here’s a link to the song:

  6. How about the square 1 gallon jugs of water. The fit great in the freezer and the plastic won’t crack. You can re-use them multiple times and their cheap.

  7. depends on where you are staying.. but if there are any apartment complexes with pools nearby, you should see if you can “break in” and try that. it may still be too warm out there for this, but from my experience the water is always freezing cold (from being cold at night/not warming up much during the day?) from at least jan-march. i have gone numb many times doing this, so it can work.

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