Spain. I need a place to stay.

Tony and I need a place to stay in Spain starting in a couple weeks.  I’ll be training and racing in Spain from the 19th of August to the 14th of September.  And Tony will be there for just a week.  If you know anybody who lives in Spain, or if you live in Spain, we would like to crash on your couch.  Preferably someplace where there are races, like in Valencia.

2 thoughts on “Spain. I need a place to stay.

  1. Where in Spain? I know a couple people who live in the north. They may know of some affordable accommodations.

  2. At this point, anything is looking good. I wanted to be near Madrid, but if that won’t work, I’ll settle for any moderately large city that has racing. If it isn’t too much trouble, maybe you could contact them for me, or give me their info and I’ll email them. Thanks David.

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