Cabbage soup and sauce-less pasta

This has been my second day of recovery, both of which have consisted of easy rides in the morning and easy rides in the afternoon.  After the race, yesterday, my legs were feeling a bit tuckered out.  But now they feel quite nice, and I’m ready for a hard day tomorrow and the day after as well. 


The food is beginning to drive me a bit nuts.  Gilad has Tony and I on a very high fat diet.  30% or more of our calories comes from fat—healthy fat like peanut butter, nuts, olive oil, lard, Crisco, bacon, McDonald’s and such.  But here, the coaches don’t believe in the benefits of fat.  Hence the very boring and tiring menu of plain bleached pasta, tuna, eggs, vegetables, potatoes and soup constructed of all of the above.  To compliment this diet, all of us here are constantly wolfing down bread and jam—the Costco tub of peanut butter that Tony brought (originally off limits to the Israelis because if its high fat content) has been licked clean within three days.  These guys LOVE peanut butter.


Tony and I have also been eating Snickers bars and Peanut M&M’s in our vain search for fat calories.  Our supply is running low, and they are way to expensive to buy over here.  Mom, I need a shipment of food!!!! 


Tomorrow should be fun and hard, and I am getting pumped for the next race on Sunday.  This time I’m getting top 5.  All four of these paragraphs started with and were brought to you by the letter “T.”



4 thoughts on “Cabbage soup and sauce-less pasta

  1. and why exactly are you looking for fat calories? saturated fats in tandem with sugar and simply excess calories isn’t as useful as olive oil or peanut based (healthy) fats as part of a normal diet. in fact, it’s not useful at all.
    try cheese.

  2. first of all, fuck.
    i wrote a long comment but didnt fill in the email field, and it deleted it.

    the gist of it is: eat cheese and ice cream, they have a lot of it here in france, call me, i did col de la madeleine with 65 pounds of bike and gear, and call me. o yah fucking call me

  3. Galen P–Please do not swear on my sight god damn it. And do I use your regular phone number? Because you’re gonna need to send it to me. I don’t have it memorized. Good job on the col de marmalade. Were you at Alp de Huez today?

    And to the other Galen–that part about the Mcdonalds, lard, bacon and Crisco was “sarcasm.” It’s a new thing that people over here in Europe sometimes do. I’m sure it’ll catch on in the US in a couple years.

    To Galen P–yeaaaaahhhh. Cheese and ice cream. About that…..Those would definitely fall under the category of bad fats, champ.

  4. i think mom sent you my phone number via email , (apposed to pmail , pigeon mail, there is a lot here in paris)

    i ate a pizza

    i saw a cat today, i named him bobby julich

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