The team is here finally.

I’m stealing the internet from a restaurant right now, and sitting right next to a dumpster with Idan, trying not to be discovered.  

July 16.


On the 14th I went back to the airport to meet the house “mother and father.”  These are the two people in charge of From there, we rented cars and drove to the village where we are staying in Comblain.  It’s about 30 km from Liege, and 25km from Huy (where stage 9 left from just a few days ago).  The roads here are narrow and very scenic. My first race is this friday, and I am feeling less sick every day.  Yesterday I rode moderately hard for 3 hours by myself before the team showed up.  Then I went on a 1 hour easy ride with some of the team.  There are 25 riders, ages 16 to 22.

We’re staying at a huge brick house that used to be a hotel.  It’s 3 stories high and has about 700 rooms.  The past few days I have been starving because there was no food at the house, and at the hotel all I had to eat was half a loaf of sourdough bread that I brought on the plane.  For some reason, I began to assume that I’d be hungry the entire trip and that in Belgium, no one eats.  And considering the price of food here, that might not be too far from the truth.  A candy bar is $1.50!! But when the team got here yesterday, they began complaining that there was no food in the house.  I sighed a sigh of relief.  Good.  I wasn’t the only one.  That night, after the house mother and father (Gioa and Ada) went shopping, we went through mounds and mounds of pasta.  And this morning we cleared out about 10 boxes of cereal.  And the true training hasn’t even started yet.  Ok, time to go.

3 thoughts on “The team is here finally.

  1. oh it sounds like so much fun man-is tony there with you?- i went to Belgium once years ago, i dont know where but there is a statue/ fountain of a young boy peeing, it might be famous? anyway its very funny-
    -courez durement et trouvez une fille jolie

  2. sounds like fun. keep a notebook of belgian logic while you’re over there, it’ll be a map to understanding the people.

    there are often no stop or yield signs because the standing rule is that the vehicle on the right has the right of way. it does not matter if you are going straight ahead and there is a road that t-‘s into it, you cannot assume that you have the right of way unless you are on the right side relative to someone turning from that road. stop signs look just like they do at home, as do yield signs. watch out for cars coming from you right. slow down and look right at every intersection.

  3. I have learned that cars on the right have the right of way. It took a few days though, and a lot of swearing.

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