Are you kidding me???

Well I have now been sick for the majority of June.  After getting better from my first cold 3 weeks ago, I had one week of healthy riding.  Then I got sick again, possibly a relapse from my previous cold.  It has been a week and a half now since I got sick a second time and I am still hacking up stuff every day.  I’m riding easy every day, but it will still take a while for me to be back at it like usual.  I am really sick and tired of being sick.  Here’s a little hycoo for you to explain what I am feeling.  Note: I don’t exactly know what a hycoo is or how to spell it, but it sounds cooler than a regular poem.


Waking in the morning I hack up a glob of green in a tissue
I shake my head in disbelief at this pressing issue
The days of mucus have been with me for what feels like years
I can’t stand the aching pressure in my nose and ears
The sun is shining through my window
The Cervelo sits in its corner, yearning to taste the warm asphalt and feel the breeze
My legs scream to go outside, their hard-earned tan-lines fading away
Why won’t my lungs allow me to go play?
While the daylight burns and the summer mornings turn to afternoon, evening, then night,
I sit inside feeling not alright
My teammates are winning races
I wheeze and cough from tying my laces
All I can do is ride real slow
Attempting not to cough while I go
My heart is shrinking
Vo2 fading
Quads quitting
Veins constricting, becoming tighter
I might as well be a mountain biker
I’m drowning in a sea of snot
My body and brain are beginning to rot
Let me just ride my bike and once again feel the pain
I can’t take much more of this before going insane
Being sick is no fun
Especially when there is so much sun


4 thoughts on “Are you kidding me???

  1. more of a limerick, but still to long for that- walt whitman would be happy with your blatant disregard of form…oh and i’m sick too if it makes you feel better, of course i caught it from you…so thanks

  2. why don’t you whine some more kennett? that mite make you better. In isreal real men don’t get sick. You should take example from your dad he is real man.

  3. i agree completly with gilad, he knows everything, and he is getting me a good deal on a new frame

    -Thanks Gilad!

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