Cirque du Cycling and Mt. Tabor

Saturday: I graduated in the morning and drove up to Portland with my parents in the afternoon.  

I didn’t quite have it in me this weekend to produce any good results.  But both races were a lot of fun and were great training.  The Cirque crit was awesome.  The crowd was huge.  I’d estimate it at a couple thousand people.  They lined the whole route, which was made up of two squares, joined together with a straight section of road, which was separated at the yellow line by cones.  I wasn’t able to spend very much time at the front, and I ended up taking 22nd place, but it was very exciting.  

The next day I raced Mt. Tabor.  It was 30 laps of pain.  I spent the first 5 laps sitting 2nd wheel and bridging gaps, hoping to make the break.  I faded to the rear and right afterwards the break got away.  I tried to help bring it back, but help was slim.  After it was obvious that we weren’t going to catch it, I just did as much work on the front of pack as possible.  After pulling the entire last 1.5 laps, I finished mid pack at 17th.  

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