Just Kill Me.

G damn it I’m still sick.  I can’t stand much more of this sitting around at home, waiting to get better.  I have done almost nothing since last Saturday.  My days have consisted of 12 hours a sleep per night, waking up, eating all day, screwing around on the internet, skipping class, and going back to sleep.  I tried to sneak a ride in yesterday but got caught.  My roommate left for the weekend for a triathlon and took his floor pump.  So I had to go to the shop to pump up my tires.  I attempted to sneak in and inflate my tires without being noticed, but failed.  Gilad saw me, right as I started to cough, and yelled at me to go home.  This cold is driving me insane.  The only good thing about this week is that I finished college, but it has been a very anticlimactic end.  I could sure use a good dose of Nectar Way to celebrate.


Oh, and while I’m already being a stick in the mud, I’d just like to say that I don’t care that the weather is crappy.  I’m actually glad.  I don’t want to be stuck inside while everyone else is getting to ride outside in the sun.  So screw you guys.  HAHAHAHAH.  I’m going to keep on wishing for bad weather until I can ride again.  

Bah humbug,


4 thoughts on “Just Kill Me.

  1. Sorry to hear of all your lameness lately. Just treat it as mid season rest. Sure, you’ll take a few steps back, but if you dont know thats how cycling works. Its like climbing a sand-dune except one you take one step forward you take two steps back. But I’m only half way there so what the hell do I know.


  2. hahaha “screwing around on the internet”
    kennett you should try to get a girl friend while you’re not riding, because you should try to get as many other people sick while you are. That way you don’t have to suffer as much because you can watch others suffer from a minor head cold.

  3. gilad doesn’t allow me to eat or drink dairy because it is hard on the stomach. I read about the chocolate milk study 4 or 5 years ago and I used to drink chocolate milk, believe it or not, after swim practices too. I’m pretty sure it does the same thing as whey and brown sugar though, which is a lot cheaper.

    Also, dairy wouldn’t help me get over a cold. I think it would just add to the mucus.

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