Ohhhhh, HI! My name a kennett and I very tired legs right now! I do 3 hours of TT and sprints this morning and thursday nighter later in day! 5 hours or riding. I only eat two sticks of celery and cup of noodle because I no want to be heavy. Good bye. hi.

2 thoughts on “Harow

  1. you are going to burn all your muscle off by not eating.

    ask your coach about your diet. high intensity burns glycogen and when you run out of that it’s muscle, not fat (how do ride faster with less muscle)? lower intensity will burn fat. TT, sprint, and thursday nighter (mostly) is pretty hard.

  2. Don’t worry Tom, I was just kidding about the celery and cup of noodles. I probably ate enough food to feed 60 families that day. He yelled at me when he read that I was planning on eating less and my “diet” only lasted one day.

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