Leaving for Sea Otter

After an easy spin on Monday and a solid hill interval workout yesterday, my legs are ready for another weekend of racing. Karey, Tony, and I are leaving Eugene at 2pm this afternoon, after our last classes, to get out of this crap weather and into some 80 degree heat in Monterey. Tony and I stocked up on food the other night in the hopes that we won’t have to eat out while on the trip, since registration fees alone summed more than $90.

It will be a tight fit in Karey’s sudan, crammed full of gear, food, and bike parts. So on the drive down, we’ll be stopping half way–maybe in Yreka–to do an hour and a half spin to keep our legs from cramping up.

Hopefully we’ll be getting down to my uncle’s house by around 4AM or sooner, which will give me a couple hours of sleep before getting up tomorrow morning, going on a long warm up, and racing in the cat 2 90 minute circuit race.

(To Ivar: I still can’t post pictures. Something weird keeps happening when I try).

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