Friday’s ride and drive up to Warshington

Thursday was an off day. No workout at all. It was first off day for me since March 24th. I wanted to ride though.

I woke up friday to sunlight. A welcome change to the dark and cold gloom that has dominated most of last week. The workout was short but sweet. It included 4 hills, one of which was McBeth–all out. I put in a good effort but my legs weren’t quite up to par. They were still tired from the previous week’s racing and workouts. Will and Tony did the workout this morning also. On their second time up McBeth, they were chased by a lama. Tony looked back and saw the thing running towards them, about a bike length away. Tony and Will got up out of their saddles in an effort to save their lives, but the beast continued to persue for another hundred meters. Mike and David had a similar experience with this animal earlier in the fall. True story: when Tony began explaining this ordeal to me, he described the animal as an “alpaca.” I asked if he was positive that it was an “alpaca” and not an “Al-Qaeda.” “I don’t know what it was,” Tony said. “Maybe it was an Al-Qaeda, maybe it was an alpaca. I’m not sure. All I know is that it was coming at us and it was pissed.” Will was standing right next to Tony during this and I’m not sure if he understood my joke either. One poly-sci degree at the University of Oregon: $25,00 (Will). One geography degree at the University of Oregon: $25,000 (Tony). Being in one’s own world: priceless.

When I got back home, I made a huge pile of pasta and chicken to take on the 6 hour van ride, packed, and locked myself out of the apartment by accident (3rd time in two weeks). I was supposed to pick up the cargo van for this week’s collegiate omnium race in Central Washington, but I was an hour late showing up in front of club sports–the meeting spot for everyone. So Luke picked the van up instead. Because I was an hour late–from sleeping in an extra hour–the entire weekend was an hour behind schedule. We left an hour late. We got up to our hotel an hour late. All of the race start times were at least an hour late. I am pretty sure that the entire universe(s) is an hour late. The only way to solve this problem is to reverse daylight savings time.

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