Job Search

I have no idea why I haven’t been hired yet.  I mean, look at my job qualifications:

A) I’m EXTREMELY good looking.  I mean like really,really, really good looking.

B) I’ve been told I have a great personality.  Probably much better than yours.

C) My VO2 is in the 999th percentile.

D) I’m super smart.  Even smarter than a dolphin.

E) I’m very modest.  I’m probably the most modest person I know.

Today was my rest day, which I spent all of riding around town looking at places to live and places to work.  In the process, I also stopped off at Occupy Boulder’s “11-11-11 Gathering” at the intersection of Baseline and Canyon.  There were more BUMS holding out cardboard signs for money than there were Occupy protesters.  I was the only Occupier person there.  A few minutes after I was there one woman showed up with her five-year old son.  Luckily she had made a sign to hold, otherwise we’d have just been two random people standing on the sidewalk of a busy intersection.  We talked about politics and whatnot for about 45 minutes, then said our goodbyes.  It was sunny and warm out, so I had a good time.  I think there’s something bigger going on in Denver on the 17th next week so I might catch a bus for that one.

I spent the rest of the day looking for jobs.  Two of the places I filled out applications for made my day much better than I’d anticipated.  First I got an entire pizza for free at a pizza restaurant, then I got an extra large cappuccino at a coffee shop for free.  Unfortunately both those places, and neither of the 20 other places I went to, were handing out free jobs.

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