2011 slideshow

It’s working now.

Most of the photos are mine, but the good photos are from these people:

Lyne Lamoureux Podiuminsight
Chris Wingfield Winger Studios
Pat Malach Oregon Cycling Action

Thanks. Here’s the Vimeo slideshow link. It’s 20 minutes long.  Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “2011 slideshow

  1. I want to know which is more important in bicycle racing, eating or racing. Enjoyed the slide show, though would have liked a bit more scenery and less food. Grandma carol

  2. that’s a chicken vs. egg question, grandma….as in, would I rather eat chicken or egg. tough one.

  3. Egg without question. Seriously, that way you could technically still call yourself a vegetarian without worrying as much about protein intake. They are also easier to cook, easier to clean, and it costs less to fill you up. No need to worry about cholesterol… That us just a make believe word anyway. Dint let the man keep you down man… Just keep on keeping on. Eat sleep ride and eat some more! When in doubt more us less in reference to all three (or four if you count eat and eat some more as two separate actions).

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