First ride back

I went on my first outdoor ride today.  I suffered for six days of no riding at all and then another four days of indoor trainer riding, which is the longest I’ve been off the bike (outside) in two years.  The trainer was so boring yesterday that I convinced myself that my collarbone was capable of riding outside today.  It ended up being partially true.  The first five minutes of the ride I had a huge grin on my face.  No pain at all.  I can’t put any pressure on my shoulder and can’t stand up out of the saddle of course, but I could ride just fine.  And my legs didn’t feel half bad either.  After about a half hour of riding my grin turned to a grimace and I wasn’t singing along with my Cheryl Crow playlist anymore either.  Instead I was cursing the potholes and bumps of Brookman rd.  A few minutes later, as I dodged traffic crossing highway 99, I miss-clipped getting into my right pedal which sent a jolt of pain up to my shoulder.  From then on I was extra careful, though the damage was done and I felt it throbbing for the rest of the ride.  But all in all, I was happy with how it felt.  Tomorrow I’ll go longer and see how two or maybe even three hours feels.

Since I don’t have enough riding or racing material for a full blog post I’ll pose some serious hypothetical questions:

Question the first: If you had to chose between every piece of food you ate for the rest of your life being either slightly too spicy or NOTHING every being spicy again, which would you chose?

#2: Choose between losing one eye–or–three fingers on one hand and a thumb on the other.

#3: You have the choice between having the capability to fly (like superman), but only once a month for a day and you can’t tell anyone about it or use it to make money–or–not being able to fly but you get 100 million dollars.

#4: Would you willingly lose the ability to read and write if it meant you could earn yourself a spot on Omega Pharma-Lotto? (Pro tour team).

#5: Choose between only eating vegetables and nothing else for the rest of your life–or–being slapped in the face (hard) every morning to get woken up.

#6: Choose between riding outside in the sun and taking the chance to re-break the flimsy, jell0-ee bone in your shoulder going over a pothole–or– ride the trainer in the garage.

#7: Chinese buffet or Indian buffet.

Now onto the real story of the week.  Imagine this dog:

Wow, never mind.  I just wasted 45 minutes trying to photoshop Thomas’ head onto a man’s body wearing a business suit.  Aparently I don’t remember anything from my Photoshop classes in high school or college.  And another thing: Why doesn’t auto spelling recognize “aparantly” or “aparently” as apparently?  I always have to look that word up on google to find out how it’s spelled.  Now I’m almost too distracted and unmotivated to even write what I was going to write before.  Actually I am.  So never mind.  I had a good story to tell (not really that good) but photoshop ruined it for me.

One thought on “First ride back

  1. #1: Slightly too spicy totally ruins a meal. I choose nothing being spicy ever again.

    #2: One eye, like Mad-Eye Moody.

    #3: I’d love to be like Superman, but what good is it if I have to hide from everyone? Gimme the money.

    #4: Hell no! I’m a teacher for goodness sakes.

    #5: I took a poll of everyone around me, veggies win, 3-to-1.

    #6: Please choose riding in the sun.

    #7: Curry is one of the only things on my do-not-like list. Chinese food for sure.

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