Video of today’s pre-race ride at Tulsa

Last night I dreamed that I was living in a post apocalyptic world where only a handful of people had survived whatever holocaust event there had been.  I was living in a forest as a mother wolf/Native American (I’m not sure which one).  Previously in my dream I had been dreaming about a world where a bunch of different eras of people unknowingly co-existed in a land separated by large lakes.  Two modern era people got trapped here when a door closed on them and I think I was one of these people.  We spent a long time trying to break down the door to get back into the real world before we gave up and ventured off into the strange world we were now a part of.  Anyways, that dream eventually turned into the dream where I was the wolf/Native American, so I’m assuming this is where the wolf dream took place.

All of a sudden my pups and I were being chased by an invading army of white men, all in medieval armor.  The rest of the dream was of me teaching my pups how to avoid being detected as we ran from them throughout the forest.  Occasionally I’d hunt down and kill someone for us to eat.  It was a stressful time for the wolf family, but we survived.  Then we finally got cornered in a tree-house; we managed an escape by jumping down 50 feet but then we got trapped in a cabin where each knight came in to attempt to kill me in one-on-one battle.  By now I was in a human form and I had an entire arsenal of dark-age weapons at my disposal on the cabin wall.  The rest of the dream was very gory.  Then I woke up and ate breakfast and went on this ride:

(Don’t worry I’m not RickRolling you)


Tulsa Tough Morning Ride @youtube

By the way, the guys you see at the end are fishing.  With compound bows and arrows.  Yep.

Spencer and Ian.


PS don’t put your cycling shoes in the washing machine on warm wash/medium heat drying.