Nature Valley–2nd stage

I just got back from the night crit in St. Paul. It would have been fun with the big crowd, cool course running under the skyscrapers, and warm weather, but I was sick, so it wasn’t exactly fun. And worse, it looks like my race is pretty much over. I made the time cut, but I don’t think starting tomorrow is going to do any good. I felt like I was getting better until this morning, after the TT. I came home from it, slept and laid in bed for four hours, then rode over to the crit course with the team at 6:45, feeling like crap. It only gets harder from here, and if I have any chance of getting better for Nationals next weekend, rest will do it.

I started the crit and within two laps my face was covered in snot and I was rocketing towards the back of the pack, and soon counting down the laps each time through the start/finish, waiting for the lap sign to read 20 to go–the half way point–so I could pull out and throw up. Tomorrow is a short but brutal road race. It starts at 5 pm, so at least I’ll be able to sleep in if I do start. That’s all for now.

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