Nature Valley 2010

Saint Paul Minnesota–

Sometimes you look forward to something for a long time and it doesn’t quite work out the way you planned. I’ve been looking forward to this race the entire year and ended up being sick for it. Ever since Hood ended a few Sundays ago, I’ve been hacking up pieces of my lungs every day. This morning was no exception. Although I’ve been feeling better the past two days, my sinuses are still producing way too much mucus. I’ve told them to quit it, but they’re not getting the message. They see all that space down below in my lungs as a problem, and their mission is to fill the void. Well done boys, well done. You’ve shown your valor. If there was such a thing as a mucus-making factory over in China, you might be productive enough to not be outsourced.

This morning was the 6-mile time trial with a short and steep hill at the end. I paced myself well and pretty much went as hard as I could go, but ended up placing 98th at 1:30 back from the leader (out of 150 starters). Not exactly the top 20 spot I’ve been dreaming of, but at least I beat two of my teammates, which is what bike racing is all about. Beating your teammates. Tonight is a crit downtown in Saint Paul. It’s going to rock.

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